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As a premier painting contractor, we are committed to delivering customer service that is second to none. We offer a wide range of services to meet your residential and commercial painting needs.  

We are a fully equipped painting company that is licensed, bonded, and insured to take on any project you have for us! We specialize in painting the interiors and exteriors of all building types.

Our firm has worked statewide completing contracts that range from single family residences to military installations. We offer competitive prices and flexibility to meet the needs of all of our customers, past, present and future.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Please feel free to call us, and schedule a -FREE- estimate.  Our pleasure would be to serve you in the future, in any way possible. You can reach us at 415-566-5111. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: Estimate@nissimpainting.com. If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is our website please take a look around and feel free to contact us for our references. Please let us know what your needs and questions are so that we can help you get your business or residence looking new again. Thank you for visiting our website.

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We Care About the Details

We strive to provide honest, reliable, residential and commercial painting services that stand head and shoulders above the rest. We combine the industry's best paint with our passion for detail to exceed your expectations. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work around your busy schedule and consult with you on all aspects of color selection and color coordination for your project to ensure that the project is completed according to your preferences. 

Detailing Our Services

Detailing your services

 Here is a brief explanation of the process for starting a project and seeing it to the end......

First, we will schedule a consultation and free estimate. This is when we come and view your plans and ideas for the work you want done in your home or business. After we leave you will receive a written estimate in a timely manner. It will either be           e-mailed, mailed, or hand delivered for you to review. We encourage you to ask all questions you have regarding the estimate at this time and really take a moment to review it carefully. Once the estimate is accepted, we will complete the appropriate paperwork and schedule a time that best fits your schedule to start your project!

Our second step is to bring you over color, texture and staining options for you to look at and chose from. Of course if you already have a color or stain picked out, we can have it matched and made for you. Color consultation is also available.
During the process, whether interior or exterior, we will keep you informed of all possible, expected or other changes that occur. We will make sure you are aware of any additional options that may be in your interest to look into while we are working on your master piece.

With Nissim Painting working for you, you can always be sure that each day we are at your location it will be clean and left as tidy as when we arrived. We will always remove any debris, trash or other messes from the area before we leave for the day. At the end of the project you property will look better than the day we arrived!

Lastly, on the day we leave we will make sure that we leave you with a little extra of all color stain or paints to make sure that as time passes and scratches, nicks and dings happen that you are fully prepared to cover them up to help our job last!

Are you planning on doing some work to your exterior?

  1. We will pressure wash all exterior siding and trim surfaces to be painted or stained before we do so. We also remove all mildew and mildew spores.
  2. We always leave the option for you to have us pressure wash additional areas like your patio, driveway, walkways and more....
  3. Complete extensive preparation includes: scraping all loose and peeling paint, sanding all scraped and other needed areas with sanders that will not damage or gauge wood surfaces. We remove and fill all unwanted hardware, hooks, and nails. We will also feather sand bad edges painted over from previous paint jobs for cosmetic purposes. 
  4. During the scraping and sanding process we may find previously undiscovered loose or rotten boards. We will re-nail all loose boards and replace or refer a qualified contractor to replace rotten or badly damaged boards. It is very important to have a sound solid substrate for proper product adhesion and performance.
  5. We carefully mask and cover all unprotected areas including, windows, fixtures, roofs, decks, shrubs, walkways, brick and nearby cars etc, as necessary.
  6. We will apply primer to all bare wood and all other needed areas with a premium quality peel-stopping primer/sealer. Our recommended primers have stain blocking capabilities however extreme cases of staining/bleeding may require an alkyd primer or several coats of acrylic primer. In some cases we will recommend a full coat of primer on an entire side of a house, building or on all sides and on all surfaces of an entire house or building.
  7. We mostly use premium quality 50 year elastomeric caulk to fill and seal all siding and trim cracks, in/around all window and door jambs or sunken nail holes. Since water/moisture infiltration behind paint coatings is the main reason for paint for blistering and peeling, caulking is a very important step.
  8. We apply one or two full coats premium quality 100% acrylic paint or solid body stain on all exterior siding surfaces. The first coat is applied by airless sprayer then back rolled, or just bush and roller. The second coat is applied by sprayer only. This gives us the ability to work the paint into the surface and bridge small cracks. We keep a wet product edge to insure that it will dry to a beautiful uniform finish. All paint or coating will be applied professionally and evenly.
  9. We apply two full coats premium quality 100% acrylic paint on all trim surfaces. Trim includes fascia boards, gutters, (if previously painted or needed), corner boards, belly boards, window trim, door jambs, doors and most other wood architectural trim that will be a contrasting color different from the siding color. Trim paint will be applied mostly by brush and roller. In some cases we will recommend using an oil-based enamel spray finish on exterior doors and some metal surfaces for durability and cosmetic purposes. All trim is done with precision edges and extreme attention to detail.

Are you planning on doing some work to your interior?

  1. Complete interior wall and ceiling preparation includes: Drywall/plaster repair, texturing, removing unwanted hardware, hooks, and nails, while filling all holes, caulking all cracks and gaps between all trim moldings and walls and elsewhere as needed, repair smoke or water damage, de glossing all needed areas by priming or sanding, dusting and washing all needed areas, and priming all water stains, crayon marks, and all other areas where needed with a premium-quality stain blocking primer.
  2. We move all furniture as needed. We also remove draperies, blinds, switch plates, hardware, fixtures as needed.
  3. We carefully mask and cover all unprotected areas such as floors, furniture, windows, etc.
  4. We apply one or two coats of a premium quality paint on all walls and ceiling surfaces. Paint will be applied by brush and roller or airless sprayer with a back roll depending on the project type. Most occupied homes are painted using a brush and roller. Acoustic ceilings are always sprayed. Our specialty is multicolored designer color scheme projects where our attention to detail is very evident. We provide razor sharp edges between all contrasting colors.

 Are you looking at refinishing an exterior wood surface?

  1. For a new finish to penetrate into the wood and protect it. The old finish must be removed. We use premium quality strippers to help achieve this. Plants and shrubs are always protected.
  2. We use a pressure washer to get the wood wet and remove loose debris. Then we use a super soap wood restorer to remove and destroy mildew stains and spores and to help restore wood to its natural state.
  3. We sink all risen nails and re-nail all loose boards as needed.
  4. If sanding is needed we would do it on this step. Most of the time sanding is not needed especially on siding and fences. Decks usually do not need complete sanding unless the wood is pitted from decay.
  5. We now apply the stain or sealer with a brush, roller or spray. We give is a think even layer of stain or sealer. Some products might need two coats. It all depends on the product that is used.

Colors and Paints

Looking at colors and type of paint? Here is a little help to help you pick colors and paint.


Red:    The strongest energy of any color, red is best used in rooms that require interaction, such as dining rooms, where it is thought to stimulate the appetite. Red also adds drama to dens, hallways and powder rooms.

Pink:    A pale red, pink is associated with delcate, feminine look and is used to soften and lighten the look of a bathrooms and bedrooms. Pink may be looked upon as elegant, refined and poised.

Yellow:    The color of happiness and optimism, yellow suggests positive, cheerful feelings and can be used to brighten practically any room. Yellow is great for "work rooms" such as Kitchens and laundry rooms.

Green:    Associated with health and fertility, Green is cool relaxing color that also connotes a feeling of newewal and growth. It works well in living rooms, dens and bedrooms and is cinsedered a natural, neutral tone.

Blue:    Tranquil and meditative, blue is perhaps the most peaceful of all colors, exerting a smoothing, calming influence. Great for bedrooms and baths, It's often used with and accent color, as too much blue can create a cold dreary feeling.

Purple:    Traditionally the color of royalty, purple tones evike a feeling of luxury and nobility. This majecstic color works well in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms where it can give a sense of lavish opulence.    

Brown:    An earth tone, brown is the most natural of all colors and helps "grounds" any color scheme. Brown is good for living rooms, dens and hallways. It works best with an accent color that will keep it from becoming too monotonous.    

White:    White is the most neutral of all colors and gets along with parctically any other shade. Elegant and sophisticated, it can be used to open up spaces and as a backdrop for kitchens, baths and any room that requires a crisp, clean, well-designed look.

Black:    A dramatic color, black is often used as an accent to embolden other tones. It works well with white to create a classic, timeless motif. You can also use black with jewel tones for a sparkling, magical appearance.



Paint Sheen  

Flat/Matte:    Smooth, subtle, elegant finish, hides surface imperfections. Ideal for low traffic areas, Living Room, Dining Room, and bedroom.

Eggshell/Low-Luster:    Smooth with added wash ability. Elegant low sheen finish. Best in low traffic areas. Living room, Dining room, Bedroom, and Foyer.

Satin:    Scrub-able, plus an elegant finish. Soft sheen reflects light. I deal for active rooms. Family room, Children's room, Laundry room, Kitchen, and Bathroom

Semi-Gloss:    Most scrub-able paint for walls. Smooth sheen reflects light. Excellent for high traffic areas.  Kitchen (cabinets/doors), Bathroom (cabinets/doors), Molding and Trim.

High Gloss/Gloss:    Most scrub-able finish, smooth high-shine finish, Ideal for frequently washed surfaces. Trim, Woodwork, Molding, Doors and Cabinets.

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